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Have you ever hit the figurative physical, emotional, or mental “wall?” What about having a worn down feeling at the same time every day?  We always tell ourselves to power through, mind-over-matter, we can do it… And who hasn’t tried positive thinking and visualization? Or the old “fake it until it’s true” strategy to get through our weeks, months, and years?

These are all familiar experiences with familiar failed methods we’ve tried to use to manage our days—ironically, they fail because we end up feeling worn down by the effort it takes to maintain such a constant upbeat outlook when we already feel like we’re running on empty. But what if we’ve had it all wrong? What if it’s not about aligning our mindset to create a better feeling life but, rather, syncing our body’s energy to create a better mind?

Dr. Cardillo combines Western science, technology, psychology, and holistic wellness to show that we must first balance the body’s energies before we can enhance and amplify the mind. Using cutting-edge ideas, Cardillo has created a guide that allows each of us to tap into our individual energetic “sweet spot” and teaches us to identify the specific energy we need to remove energy blocks and understand what energy is and the right energy to meet our needs.

This presentation is an open the door on what is possible for living a vivacious and vivid life—flip into your most powerful energetic gear with this matter-over-mind game changing new approach to living your best life.

A new approach: Cardillo’s use of Western science and technology is a stand out from a genre that has stressed the mind as the ultimate tool for personal growth and self-improvement for the last 50 years, Cardillo offers a truly dynamic flip by proposing that it’s matter-over-mind that is the real life changing approach.

Highly prescriptive: Audiences will get tons of takeaways with “Try This!” exercises, self-tests, and step-by-step instructions—Dr. Cardillo’s methods are natural, highly accessible, and doable for people of all ages, professions and lifestyles.

Methodology for a modern world: Audiences will be able to use their modern conveniences and pleasures as tools to create their best energetic pattern—by mixing everything from their daily tech devices to their favorite music with holistic approaches, audiences will see it’s as easy to sync the body and mind as it is to sync their iPod with their mobile devices.

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